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For this clinic, natural rejuvenation is only natural

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Couples Massage.

Couples Massage.



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When it comes to revitalizing mind and body, Mother Nature gave us all the tools we need. We’re one of a few Las Vegas spas committed to using organic and all-natural products during our treatments. What is the advantage? Our spa services don’t expose you to chemicals and synthetic materials that can accumulate in your bloodstream and organs. Instead you’ll feel renewed and invigorated—the way Mother Nature always intended.

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Organic Spa Las Vegas where organic is not a trend, it’s a matter of health.

Organic  Spa Salon

Organic Spa Las Vegas

A recent study by Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York found an average of 91 pollutants and chemicals in the bloodstream of volunteer participants. Many of these were traced back to beauty products.  According to, over 5,000 chemicals are used in personal care products alone—all of these potentially absorbed through the skin. That’s why at The Organelle Spa we choose only organic and all-natural materials. The fact is we’d rather not offer spa packages that help you feel and look better at the expense of your own health.

The benefits of organic spa services:

  • Your skin doesn’t absorb chemicals
  • Chemicals won’t accumulate in your organs and bloodstream
  • All-natural products minimize potential reactions

*** 65% of  the product you put on the skin gets into your blood stream immediately!



I just want to share that for many weeks I had been researching organic hair coloring as I have an allergy to the ppd’s and ptd’s contained in many hair dyes.  When finding Organic Systems, I was very pleased to discover that it is an organic hair coloring system, vegan and free of ppd’s and ptd’s.  I contacted them on Saturday morning to find a local salon and they referred me to Organelle.  I called Organelle and within a couple of hours I had an appointment for a hair coloring.
Organelle is a beautiful salon which features all organic treatments for your hair, skin and body.  It’s clean, friendly and very comfortable.  Upon arriving I met Irina, a very skilled and experienced technician who examined not only the color of my hair, but it’s structure.  She then consulted me on color and helped me to find the perfect combinations of colors to get rid of the bad color that was on my hair.
During this part of the appointment I had the opportunity to meet the owner who then brought out some green tea and let Irina go to work on my hair.
Irina thoroughly and gently washed and conditioned my hair, she then mixed the coloring and applied it.  There was no mess, no bad odor, no irritation, just a perfectly applied product.  After the hair dryer and waiting period, she proceeded to rinse my hair and used an organic cleanser to remove any incidental hair coloring from my hairline.  Another shampoo and conditioning treatment followed and then it was time to trim and style.
She trimmed and styled and then I could see the gorgeous hair color.  My hair is soft, it doesn’t smell and I had zero, yep, zero irritation.  My hair shines a beautiful black with violet hues in the sunlight.  It’s absolutely beautiful.  Irina also cleaned up some uneven ends and included it in the cost.
I highly recommend Organelle for anyone who lives in Las Vegas, or happens to travel to Vegas for business and pleasure.  Not only do they do a top notch job and provide a comfortable atmosphere, they use organic products – all friendly to your health and body!
Thank you soooo much Organelle and Irina!  I will be back and I will definitely be referring your salon!
Best of blessings! Cheryl Yiatras
By Rebecca – Apr 1, 2010

Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 Amazing cellulite treatment!‎‎ Organelle Salon and Spa is an amazingly unique and wonderful spa. Anita has worked WONDERS on my cellulite. She does a combination of endermologie, radio frequency treatments for skin tightening, and ultrasound treatments for further cellulite reduction. For the first time in my life, I find myself willing to buy short shorts and skirts. She spends tons of time with me and is totally flexible with hours/times. She also does a complete detox program including time in the infared sauna and lymphatic drainage. I feel amazing! If you want your legs to look great, you gotta go see Anita!

By karen – Sep 3, 2010

Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 Best Massage ever‎‎ I purchased the 1 hour massage deal through Groupon and was so impressed with that first massage I purchased a group of 10 30 minute massages. I have been going for massages for over 15 years and I would have to say the 1 hour massage I received was one of the most effective and lasting I have ever had. After the series of 10 30 minute massages, I have less tension, more energy and I feel better than I have in years! I finally have the energy and drive to get to the gym and workout and I haven’t been able to do that in a long time. I would recommend Dariusz to anyone who wants a massage that will help them live a healthier life!! Karen M.


By Maile – Jul 24, 2010

Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 Awesome massage!‎‎ I was able to book my massage yesterday for this afternoon – no wait at all! Dariusz was the best massage therapist I’ve been to – European, very experienced, professional and made me feel comfortable the whole time. I will definitely be recommending him to others. My husband will be going to him soon, as he does medical massage and my husband previously rolled his ankle and lost mobility in it. So glad we found this place.

User Rating: 5 out of 5 stars   12/10 /2010 by Stephanie Alvarado
– Hall I just started going to Organelle and Nora hooked me up with a really cute haircut!! The best I’ve had in a loooong time. I am so relieved and happy that I finally found my “go-to girl.” Thanks Organelle and thank you Nora! :)
User Rating: 5 out of 5 stars Dec 16, 2010 by Pat
One massage here cured a problem I was having for 3 years.
User Rating: 5 out of 5 stars 12/03/2010 by Sweetpea
For seven years I have been in pain in my neck, shoulders, and back.
I had a large brain tumor removed in an area right near my spinal cord.
I have been to many therapies through out the years and I never found relief in any of them. I have just continued to suffer through out the years and hugged my heating pad. Loss of sleep was constant in my life. I saw a coupon for a massage at Organelle Salon & Spa and used it without expectations and understanding of my situation. He massaged the painful area’s and I walked out of there with HOPE AND RELIEF pertaining to the pain I had endured so many years. Right now I am pain free and feel like a new person. The relief started immediately and I have no use for a heating pad. Words cannot express how wonderful I feel. I highly recommend going to Organelle Salon and Spa. Treat your body to the BEST and live a comfortable life.
User Rating: 5 out of 5 stars Jul 11, 2010Rated 5.0 out of 5.0by mathmiracleworker
Best Massage in Town‎‎ I have been using Organelle for about 1 1/2 years and I can truly say that my wife and I have greatly improved our diet, health, and sanity because of Organelle. I too bought an initial package for my wife and she said that Dariusz did wonders on her neck and back. So I decided to start using Dariusz too. I have always been treated like royalty there and they have been more than generous with the options. I think that this is by far the best massage for the price in town. Dariusz has really become a good friend of our family.


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Wow, what to say about this spa?! Right when I walked in I felt a sense of relief. The mood of the spa/salon was so relaxing, if felt like a pile of pressure was lifted off my shoulders. After I left I had so many complements regarding my skin, which made me feel so much more confident in myself. Thanks Organelle!

- - Susan Sandberg

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