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Spa Services

 Spa Services: postlipo lymphatic drainage, endermologie, cellulite reduction, professional massage, facial skin care rejuvenation.

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Depositphotos_4414856_s Weight Loss

Infrared Blanket Wrap Sessions  

The ultimate detox & rejuvenation.

1 session 50 minutes     $49       Package of 10 sessions    $449


Endermologie – Cellulite Reduction

Are YOU One of the 99% of women Who are Dissatisfied with the Results They Get From Their Current Cellulite treatments?

If you answered “YES” , here is the solution to your problem:

* Get together with our technician for personalized consultation.Endermologie

* In addition get fantastic bonus, information on Body Detox in Infrared Blanket

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  • Skin and body rejuvenation treatments with weight loss and body detoxification. In only one month be slim, smooth and sexy.
  • Best Las Vegas Cellulite Spa Treatments.
  • Therapeutic Lipomassage.
  • Body Reshaping & Weight Loss.
  • NEW Non-surgical Face-lift                                                $140.00  (Package of 10 sessions $ 1200.00)
  • NEW Non-surgical Cavitation Cellulite Reduction    $150.00        (Package of 10 sessions $ 1300.00)
  • NEW Non-surgical Cryo-Lipo Cellulite Reduction     $250.00   per area     (Ask for package price )

Las Vegas Anti Cellulite and Non-Surgical Skin Care Spa Treatments.

Organelle Spa has a solid reputation of excellence in Las Vegas repeatedly delivering the most effective cellulite treatments, weight loss, and massage therapy services that really work. Fantastic organic natural detoxifying, rejuvenating, anti cancer products  that we run out all the time before next delivery.

What is Endermologie (EndoOrganelle)?   

  • The newest treatment, “non-surgical lipo suction” uies specially designed pulses of ultrasound waves to relieve the congested tissue.
  •  Endo-Organelle uses specialized ultrasonic wave forms to move ruptured fat cells into micro circulation, lymph drainage and enhanced blood flow.
  •  Your technician may also use organic cellulite lotion/gel or cellulite cream that facilitates cellulite reduction to your customised cellulite treatment.

What should I expect during Cellulite Reduction Treatments?

  • Each treatment session lasts about 60 to 90 minutes.
  • Body contouring treatments are very patient friendly, no discomfort is felt during the treatment session, and they are customized to ensure best results.
  • After each session patients return to normal activity with no downtime. For best cellulite treatment, in the beginning of series several visits are scheduled close together to enable the fastest and a successful result.

When will I begin to see results?

  • The skin resurfacing treatment series starts with several visits that are scheduled close together to enable the best chance of a quick successful result.
  • Typical benefits are seen after 5 or 6 visits although results obviously depend on the severity of the condition and individual cell rejuvenation.
  • For optimal results, you will need to complete a series of 10-15 sessions to achieve results.

EndoOrganelle, ThermaOrganelle, CrioOrganelle

  • Enhanced blood flow and lymph drainage.
  • Improving skin condition.
  • Cellulite Elimination in most cases.
  • Body Contouring.
  • Weight loss.
  • Inches Disappear.

Edermologie Price List (Lipo-massage only)

  • 1 session                     $99.00
  • 10 sessions                 $889.00
  • 15 sessions                 $1189.00

Maintenance Session  $75

Combination Sessions Cavitation with Therma-Organelle

(Therma-Organelle Body, Therma-Organelle Face)

Newest Cellulite Reduction Treatments

Non-Surgical cellulite removal

  • 1 session  (80 min)          $199
  • 1 session  (50 min)          $150


  • 10 sessions                  $1499
  • 15 sessions                  $1999

ThermaOrganelle – In this treatment we tighten the skin, break down cellulite, facilitate inches and body weight loss. This treatment is much more complex than regular lipo massage, includes several newest body reshaping technologies (cavitation, RF, Crio-Organelle)  therefore we have better and faster results.

Cavitation Technology– for skin tightening and fat reduction.

It is the 3rd generation cavitation that revolutionizes the treatment against cellulite and fat. It is a non-invasive based on sound waves, which generates empty micro bubbles in the liquid, situated in the interior of the adipose tissue. Its repeated action causes the accumulation of these micro bubbles with each other to implode and collapse. The result is the destruction of the adipose cells transforming the fat nodules into liquid substance that in a natural way the body removes through the lymph.

  • Your body is molded, recovers easy and comfortably.
  • Painless.
  • If you have scar tissue or nodules our treatments minimize them!

If you are looking for best Endermologie Las Vegas, and Best Weight Loss Las Vegas reserve $30 personalized consultation at Organelle Spa today. Results may vary!

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 Newest Face Treatments

  • Bio-Microcurrent FaceLift Treatment                        $150
  • Organic Face Rejuvenation                                         $120
  • Non-Surgical Facelift *Using RF technology             $200
  • Organic Vit C face conditioning and brightening      $200

*Non-surgical Facelift – is a non-invasive treatment  that aims to heat the skin below the dermis layer in order to boost collagen production and reshape existing collagen by utilizing infrared light, ultrasound, or radio-frequency to produce a tightening and uplifted appearance of the skin. With follow up treatments results become more apparent and immediate look of a supple silky image skin. Our technicians, based on skin condition, can use any of those technologies in the skin rejuvenation.

Specifically, treatment begins with skin assessment, our practitioner  determines the skin needs. We use finest and pure 100% organic and 90% natural ingredients, Organelle Spa products. First the face is cleansed, tone, and then the technician performs radio-frequency treatment. The facelift session is usually lasts 45 to 50 min. The results are incredible and amazing, the face looks smooth, toned, and supple like a baby’s skin.

Facials Rejuvenation Treatments

Detoxification              $95.00

Eliminates stress and toxins of everyday life, while infusing with vitamins.

Organelle                       $95.00

Personalized facial rejuvenating treatment that is completely customized from start to finish.


Skin Care Treatments

Body Wraps                                         $120.00

*Starting Price*

Total Relaxation,          $125.00

  • Includes hands & feet
  • Anti-Cellulite Gel available with upgrade
* 20% gratuity not included in any price listed above.
**24 HR cancellation policy, 50% charge will appear if no call no show.
***Refer a friend and receive 50 % off the next  treatment of your choice.